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Capable melodies

Capable melodies

The program is aimed at people with functional diversity. The purpose of Capable Melodies is to promote social interactions by attending to the needs of this group in order to improve their quality of life, promote social inclusion and improve their experience in the social and health environment.

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A programme aimed at people with functional diversity in which, through group micro-concerts, social interactions between users/residents, family members and social and health staff are encouraged. The programme addresses the specific needs of people with disabilities in order to improve their quality of life, promote social inclusion and improve their experience in the social and health environment.

According to Patricia Castro, TASOC of Pauta de Madrid Association: “People with intellectual diversity have less access to music, therefore, the micro-concerts of Musicians for Health are a fabulous opportunity for our users. Our raison d’être is to be with you because the benefits are mutual”

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Capable melodies

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Contribuye a dar calidez a los espacios hospitalarios y humanizar la asistencia sanitaria.

Aporta felicidad y bienestar a las personas que acceden al hospital.

Genera sentimientos positivos y crea una atmósfera de bienestar.

Beneficia a pacientes, acompañantes y personal sanitario durante su estancia en el hospital.

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Permite que jóvenes pianistas y pianistas profesionales ayuden a los demás a través de su arte.

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Conecta colectivos culturales, músicos y hospitales.

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The program is aimed at older people with diseases such as Alzheimer’s, dementia or age-related cognitive impairment pathologies. This program aims to meet their needs, as well as promote healthy aging and an improvement in their quality of life, offering an accompaniment and support service.

The Choirs, Singing and Remembrance program is aimed at older people with age-related cognitive impairment pathologies. The aim of bringing music closer to this group is to help them remember the songs of their childhood, adolescence, to evoke memories, bring well-being and improve their mood through singing and interaction.

AcompañArte is a program that aims to contribute to the improvement of the mental health of people with functional diversity through the realization of telematic musical performances between volunteers and people who suffer from loneliness.

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